Friday, July 3, 2009

Well Wishes for My Army Brother

I've mentioned before that my brother is contracted by the Army. He attends the the University of Oklahoma on an Army scholarship and will become an officer upon graduation next May.

He's one of my favorite people. And despite the fact that he has spent almost more years apart from me than with me, we're so close.

Last week he departed for military training camp - two months, no contact. Yeish. Three days earlier he had just celebrated his 21st birthday. He made the rounds of phone calls reminding me that it wouldn't be that bad for me - we'd only miss our weekly calls. So that's like, 8. I couldn't help but smile when he said this.

I didn't think his departure would shake me. After all, we're both military brats and it's not like he's going far. He is stateside. It's just a camp. I mean, it will suck for him but it's not like it will suck for me.

But it made me sad, for a little bit. He's growing up. And even though he's been filling the role of an Army solider for the past three years, this suddenly makes it very real. Makes me realize that he's going to be graduating soon. And then going everywhere.

So, with a proud heart, I said good luck and bon voyage. Here's to you bud. We'll be thinking of you and we know you're going to rock at camp. Your scores are going to be stellar and when you get home, we'll totally celebrate your major achievements.

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