Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Step in the Right Direction

This blog has become a bit of a sanctuary for me. This and Twitter. Both allow me to connect with the military community in a way that I didn't think was possible ten years ago. It's allowed me to bridge my two worlds together. It's allowed me to hold onto something that I struggle to keep at the center of my life everyday - my strong military heritage.

During the last semester of college I took a writing class that was awe-inspiring. It wasn't a surprise to me that I enjoyed writing, but what was surprising was what this professor got me to write about. Myself. I decided then that I wanted to share my experience with others.

In our world today, almost everyone has a unique story to share. The gentleman who lived in the Midwest on a farm his entire life. The New Yorker longing to escape the massive amounts of concrete. Everyone's life is special.

What this class did was show me that my life was truly interesting. Where I've been, where I started and how I got here. Someone who didn't even begin her life as an American. So many countries. So many houses. So many schools. At the root of it - the military.

Flash forward four years later and I'm finally giving the project the attention that it deserves. My life has been special and it is time for me to share it with the world. Particularly the other military children - past, present and future.

I'm currently working on a book proposal and channeling my creative energy into my first few chapters. I will fill the pages with the story of my journey, my experience, my path. How my entire existence revolved around being a military brat and how that affects me still even today. And even though many like me have shared their story before, the brilliance of the situation is that no two military brats are the same. Our stories will be entirely different.

I'm happy to share with you what will hopefully be a new beginning for me, and a step in the right direction. And, in the end, if I only write it for my friends and family, if I only write it for military family support centers, if I only write it for myself, I will have still written it. It is my hope that by sharing my experience, other military brats around the world will not feel like they are going it alone. Many brats have come before us, and many brats will come after us. But we're all connected.


Priscilla said...

Hey! I was on your facebook page and saw you had a blog! I have a blog too and LOVE to read others blogs. I'm glad I found yours!!!!

dzignjulz said...

Awesome! You are a very talented writer, I look forward to hearing how your book comes along :)