Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NBC's Today Shines Spotlight on USO and Troops!

NBC's Today show took time this morning to shine a spotlight on military families across the nation. With a segment appropriately named "Call to Action," Meredith, Ann and Al talked about why our military troops and their families are so important to our great nation. Check out the videos below.

A heartfelt look into military families' lives when our loved ones are deployed . . .

Ann's Interview with Jill Biden - remember that her son is also deployed.

Here's Al's interview with the USO. Check out this care package assembly line! Brilliant!

I was THRILLED to see the USO and our military community receive so much air time on our nation's best morning show. The USO is an amazing organization and they've been fantastic in supporting our community in the past and present.

Big thanks to Today for showing America's bravest and reminding our citizens to thank them for their service. Warm hugs to all military families around the world and safe thoughts and prayers to their deployed loved ones.

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