Friday, October 24, 2008

Proud Wii Owner

My 27th birthday is on Tuesday. When Dan, my boyfriend, asked what I'd like for a gift I gave him my usual response . . . I don't know! I never seem to.

Since the Wii broke onto the scene it's been on fire. I've seen it fly of shelves in person. I've seen people fight over it in stores. And as much as it seemed to be the latest and greatest thing, I asked myself one question. Would I like it?

I'm not a gamer. My brother is the only person in my family who is. When we were growing up he'd ask for systems and games for birthdays, holidays . . . any time that he'd qualify for a gift! I can recall many holidays were Matt would jump out of bed, unwrap his gifts and spend the rest of the day in his room playing. I never got it. I tried to play - for the record, I suck at Halo. And it wasn't that fun for me. I thought, why spend so much money on a gaming system? Would I like it? Would I get bored with it? Would it be a waste of money? Should I buy something smaller and put the other money in savings? All boring questions I admit. But for someone who's not that into video games, it would be a big leap of faith to buy a Wii.

My boyfriend got word that I was interested in one (for the record, it was only so that I could play Mario Kart) and surprised me with one yesterday. Yes, an early birthday present. My reaction - I actually jumped up and down like a kid. So ridiculous, right! We set it up and played last night and I have to say . . . I get why this is the system for non-gamers. The system to make non-gamers into gamers.

In just one hour we played every game in the Wii Sports package. I rock at bowling and tennis. Totally suck at baseball and golf. This morning, before work, I caught Dan playing baseball. I laughed to myself. I then turned and said to him, hey, do you think they have Wii Volleyball. I think I could rock at that. He just laughed.

The addiction has begun!

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