Monday, November 10, 2008

Pixar's New Film

Pixar recently released a teaser for it's new film Up. I just found it today and was sad to hear that it's been out in cyberworld since Wall-E's release this past summer. Word on the street is that the film focuses on an elderly man who lives in a house and takes on (and defeats) villains throughout the world. Details are sketchy, as most Pixar teasers are, but I'm confident that it will be a good one.

Up will be Pixar's 10th animated film and is scheduled for release on May 29, 2009. The film is directed by the usual suspects at Pixar, including Pete Docter, who directed Monsters Inc. Also investing time and brain power is Bob Peterson, who is the film's screenwriter. Peterson also wrote Finding Nemo, or as I like to call it the BEST film Pixar has made to date.

I can't wait to see this film. Okay, well, I traditionally can't wait to see any Pixar film. I can't help it. The company facinates me and I hope very much to be a part of it one day. Stay tuned for additional details on Up, and don't forget that Toy Story 3 is just on the horizon.

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