Friday, December 19, 2008

Florida Bound Baby

As I type these very letters, the NJ sky has begun to drop fluffy and puffy snowflakes. A snow storm is slowly moving into the area and promises to drop anywhere between 8 to 12 inches of snow by my little casa. Ugh.

Despite the fact that the storm is sure to ruin the day, cause absolute chaos during rush hour and decrease attendance at the company's holiday party, I'm trying to be positive. In less than a week I will be in sunny FL. Where the temperature is currently 64 F degrees with a high of 78F.

Thank goodness I keep telling myself. My parents moved to Tampa more than a year ago and last Christmas was the first Christmas I spent in FL. My brother and sister tried to leave Oklahoma yesterday and never made it to my parents house. Winter weather caused them to wait in the airport for almost 10 hours only to be sent to Memphis. They are due out on a flight to Tampa today.

Last year, I spent Christmas morning by the pool with my mom and sister looking out onto the bay and staring happily at the abundance of palm trees. Dan and I fly to Tampa on Christmas Day this year (its really not that bad) and are staying in the warmth for just five days. We are crossing our fingers and hoping we don't encounter weather delays.

Even though I know that our five day FL vacay will feel like the shortest days of my life, I am so looking forward to seeing my family members and basking in the SUN. I plan on waking up early each day just to bank a few hours of solid sunshine. I need it - I think my skin is starting to become see-through.

So when I scrape the snow off of my car later today and shovel the many inches of snow out of my driveway, I will say to myself . . . relax Melissa. FL is just days away.

Here's a few shots from last year's Christmas holiday . . .

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