Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Low Cal Salad Dressing That Only Seems Sinful

So it's no mystery to all of you that I'm a weight loss journey. I begun to discuss it a few posts back. When I find something that seems like a miracle (I've been dieting strong for more than a year and a half now) I like to share. I was reading one of my favorite weight loss blogs the other day, Glamour's Margarita Shapes Up, and she talked about bad food habits and a revised solution.

My diet, like many other women I know, consists of a lot of salad. Margarita even reveals that it's something she depends on as well. It's the one thing that I can eat a good amount of that isn't laden with calories. The one thing that actually fills me up. And sadly now, I really crave a nice big bowl of greens.

So the bad food habit - the loophole - salad dressing; it's a dieters worse enemy. I finally found a line (that is not a low fat Italian vinaigrette) that causes me to do a little dance. Enter Bolthouse Dressings. It is my solution.

The line has a few dressings that can make a party out of any salad. Why do I love it? It's yogurt based. It has less than half the calories and half the fat than regular dressings. The real bonus - it ACTUALLY tastes good. Modern miracle if you ask me. I'm in love with the Ranch dressing. I also have the Thousand Island dressing in my fridge. It tastes fresh, homemade almost and I no longer have the urge to dump a quarter of the bottle into my bowl. The only downside - it expires much faster than the regular kind but in the end that means that it's only made of the real stuff.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Salad bowls will soon be celebrating.

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