Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Colbert Report's First Show From Iraq

Stephen Colbert is now officially my favorite comedian. I checked out his first show from Iraq and it was HILARIOUS!

He kicked off the show with some stellar comments. Here are a few highlights:

- His staff took standard BDUs and made them into a suit. He looked surprisingly cool!

- During his monologue he referred to Iraq as "the country so nice we invaded it twice"

- He let troops know that he wanted to come to Iraq because he "always wanted to cook a microwave burrito in my pants"

Colbert also showed a few clips from his 10 hour-long "basic training." He dubbed it "Stephen Strong: Army of Me." I especially loved the Louis V luggage and the iPhone portion.

Later in the show he took time to interview General Ray Odierno, the head hancho in the land of sand. Odierno let Colbert know that his training experience was not at all realistic and that he needed to get a regulation hair cut to even be considered a trainee.

Colbert refused and then President Obama appeared on the screen. He first gave a shout out to our troops and then calmly gave an official order to Odierno to buzz Colbert's head!

For the record, I know that Colbert will miss blow drying his locks every morning but he looked pretty good with his buzz. He may even grow to like this new look!

The show was awesome and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us for the rest of the week.

Here's a little snipit of the show - and a shout out from John McCain.

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Click here to see the full episode OR visit iTunes and download it. Proceeds go to the USO!

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Tuck said...

OMG! I heard the news -- CONGRATS!! I wanted to send you an email but Joyce keeps forgetting to give me your email address! I am SO happy for you and Dan!!