Friday, June 12, 2009

Stephen Colbert: MR. USO

Stephen Colbert did an AMAZING job in Iraq this week. His four shows were witty, tasteful and most of all tremendously supportive of our brave men and women stationed in the land of sand.

Some of my favorite things about this week . . . I really enjoyed when . . .

- Colbert flew with the AF Thunderbirds. I liked watching Colbert's reaction, mid song, during takeoff. In regards to the pilots, as a Air Force brat, I've always loved a man in a flight suit and this was no exception. The Thunderbirds are all SUPER hot and they are unbelievably talented.

- Colbert complimented the troops for doing their job in "140 degree heat in full battle rattle." When my Dad was in Iraq he'd tell us how the insane the heat was. It's something we can never understand here.

- Colbert compared Iraq to a bag of trail mix and said the the M&Ms were the US Troops.

- Watching Deputy Prime Minister Baham Saleh discuss Iraq and his gratitude to the US Forces.

- Seeing and hearing the entire palace sing the Army Song - proud and strong after Colbert attempted to get them to do the hokey pokey.

- Tom Hanks and Colbert packed care packages for the troops. It was my favorite part when Colbert tried to send puppies and ice cream to Iraq

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A big THANKS to Colbert, his entire team and of course the USO. If you missed any of the shows this week visit the microsite for his tour Mr. USO.

You can watch full episodes there or download them via iTunes. Proceeds from your iTunes purchase will benefit the USO. If you have a few dollars please also visit the USO's website and donate money. Our troops, and their families, rely on the USO. When you help support the USO, you help them.

If you're tight on cash but want to help, try doing something for a family of a local military family. Bake them cookies. Help find a babysitter. Stop by to just say thank you. The families left at home are at war too - just in a very different way.

A special shout out to all our men and women serving abroad. It was great to see you this week - tan and smiling! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. You're all of our heroes!

***Special note: photo courtesy of the MR. USO website ***

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