Monday, June 8, 2009

Tweet To Remind - Help Raise $1.65 Million for Troops by July 4th

Today, as I was giving well deserved shoutouts to my military twitter peeps in honor of the Military Monday Twitter movement, I came across a tweet that made me smile. I'm a follower of Bob Woodruff and today he simply tweeted the following: "Support our troops is no longer a slogan. It's an action. #tweettoremind #militarymon."

Tweet to Remind - have you heard of it? It's all a buzz in today's #MilitaryMon chatter. I checked out the site and it seems that Woodruff's latest effort is a partnership between his foundation and the PR powerhouse Porter Novelli. Through the partnership, a unique idea has been born - a goal to raise $1.65 million by July 4th; proceeds will be given to America's soldiers as they return home.

The website, which also links to, is a movement of Woodruff's foundation that "educates the public about the needs of injured service members, veterans and their families as they reintegrate into their communities and empowers people everywhere to take action."

If you remember, Woodruff suffered near fatal injuries in 2006 from a roadside bomb. He was on assignment in Iraq for ABC’s “World News Tonight." His wife and family have channeled their experience into creating the Bob Woodruff foundation in hopes of helping military families across the nation. Special thanks to them for their generous time and efforts.

Please take time to visit the Tweet to Remind website, donate and spread the word throughout your blogging community. Most importantly, don't forget to TWEET! Follow the movement @remind_org or @tweettoremind. Our nation's forces and their families give everything they have, every day of the year, to protect our freedom. They are our heroes. Please take time to thank them in a small way.

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