Friday, June 5, 2009

Stephen Colbert to Broadcast From Iraq!

I've talked about my likeness for Colbert before. He helps military brats and genuinely likes our military community.

And for some time now, he's discussed an upcoming trip to the Persian Gulf and this week it was announced that he really is going!

The Colbert Report has deployed to Iraq on a USO tour entitled "Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando." He's landed safely and Colbert will broadcast four shows from Baghdad next week, where he’ll be entertaining an audience of about 450 troops. Catch the shows when they air Monday through Thursday.

Comedy Central reports that the operation "is taking place at an undisclosed military base. The week will feature many segments including Colbert putting together USO care packages for the troops and 'shout outs' from notable figures in society."

Check out the announcement here for further info, including a list of his notable guests. Stellar. On a special note, they have also reported that proceeds from sales of "The Colbert Report" on iTunes during the week of June 8 will benefit the USO.

Here's a clip from his show, where he asks his viewers to do what anyone would do with this type of secret . . . leak it! Tweet about it, blog about it, etc.

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So in the words of Colbert himself . . . Go Forth and LEAK! :) Spread the news and tune in!

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