Thursday, February 19, 2009

17,000 Additional Troops to Head to Afghanistan

If there's one thing I've heard often recently, it has been that critics have deemed Afghanistan as "Obama's war." That statement rang loud and clear this week.

Yesterday Army Gen. David McKiernan, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, let his thoughts be known about the military efforts in southern Afghanistan and warned that the 17,000 new troops that will be deplying to the region(Army and Marine forces) will "take on emboldened Taliban insurgents who have 'stalemated' U.S. and allied forces."

These comments come on the wake of President Barack Obama's approval (announced Tuesday) to have additional troops begin deploying this spring.

McKiernan also said that the new and elevated troop level of 55,000 soldiers many be in for a long haul - five years to be exact - and that that number is around only two-thirds what he's requested to help him get a handle on the region.

To hear what McKienan had to say during his press conference at the Pentagon click here.

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