Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HBO Movie "Taking Chance"

Yesterday, Chris Matthews (Hardball) spent some time shining the spotlight on an upcoming HBO film called Taking Chance. The piece is based on a true story about two Marines - one who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq (19-year-old Lance Corporal Chance Phelps) and another who escorted him home (Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobl).

As many of you know, military escort duty is not something people talk about, and not something that the civilian community is exposed to or really knows much about. (If you watched the presidental press conference last night, this topic is something you just heard about. I plan to address this topic tomorrow and can't wait to hear your thoughts.)

In this story, Lt Col Strobl requested that he be assigned for military escort duty. During the journey, Strobl witnessed such an amazing amount of support and respect for Phelps, that he was motivated to capture it all in his journal. His story then became huge on the Internet and within the military community. It eventually reached the mainstream civilian media and has now become an HBO film starring Kevin Bacon as Lt. Col Strobl.

Matthews' interview with Kevin Bacon and the real Lt. Col Strobl was interesting. He first thanked Strobl for his service, which I was glad to see. But he quickly turned his focus to Bacon, which I was not a fan of. However, when asked on how Bacon felt about making the film, his response made me respect him. He said that he felt grateful to learn about such a respectful process, and very proud to be able to help tell the story. Most importantly, he said that while so many people thanked him for doing this film and for shedding light on the escort process, that he didn't feel right accepting the thanks. After all, he's just an actor. Here's the interview:

I'm so glad that I got to see this, and find out about the film.It premieres on Saturday, February 21, at 8PM. There's also a Facebook page for the film that has almost 3,000 fans.

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