Friday, February 20, 2009

Farmer of Dead South Korean Rabbits Wants Money from USAF

Okay, it's Friday and for that I am very happy, but the topic of the post is in fact REAL. This story so warrants a Friday afternoon.

In the Pacific edition of Saturday's Stars and Stripes an article titled, Korean farmer: Jet noise killed 100,000 rabbits, will appear. I kid. You. Not.

For the record, I've been to South Korea plenty of times. But I've never seen a rabbit. Ever.

The article states that "thousands of bunnies in Kunsan have literally been scared to death by aircraft noise, according to rabbit farmer Lee Ho-kyung."

And for his losses this farmer wants to get paid. By the USAF. Here's the deal - he's had a 17 year run of raising rabbits and his farm is very close to the 8th Fighter Wing's runway. (It should be noted that South Korea’s 38th Fighter Group also shares this runway.) And in those 17 years, according to him, he's lost 100,000.

He's quoted in the article saying that the "infertility rates are up 30 percent" among his rabbits and that the "mother rabbits kill and eat their babies right after the babies are born because of the piercing noises from U.S. aircrafts."

Lee has filed a compliant and requested 250,000,000 Korean won (about $170,000) to cover the cost of relocating his farm.

I can only say one thing. Wow. That's it. Oh, and this is crazy! Just thought I'd bring some entertaining reading your way to help brighten your Friday. For the military folks handling this case, I'm quite sorry. While I know that keeping a positive relationship with our host nations is of the utmost importance, this case seems a little far fetched to me. Show me the study on how US aircraft jet noise causes bunnies to eat their babies and then I'll take you seriously.

**Disclaimer: for the record, I like bunnies and want them to be healthy. . . not eaten by their mamas**

OH, and on a final note don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Taking Chance - HBO's nod to military escort duty. Unfortunately, I will not be home to watch it but can't wait to hear what you think! Happy Weekend!

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