Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Navy Seeks Home for 2 Secret Vessels - Seriously. Want It?

So, the Navy has a pair of top secret vessels that it no longer wants to keep . . . but wants someone else to put it on display. Is that someone you?

In today's WSJ, an article appeared on the front page by Barry Newman that talked about the vessels.

Here are the lines that made me smile . . .

"One is called Sea Shadow. It's big, black and looks like a cross between a Stealth fighter and a Batmobile. It was made to escape detection on the open sea. The other is known as the Hughes (as in Howard Hughes) Mining Barge. It looks like a floating field house, with an arching roof and a door that is 76 feet wide and 72 feet high. Sea Shadow berths inside the barge, which keeps it safely hidden from spy satellites. The barge, by the way, is the only fully submersible dry dock ever built, making it very handy -- as it was 35 years ago -- for trying to raise a sunken nuclear-armed Soviet submarine."

Stealth fighter and a Batmobile. Nice. I love the way that Newman wrote this piece. I wonder if the Navy gave him the description or if he came up with it on his own.

For the record, if I had space in my front yard, I'd totally bring these bad boys home. And take good care of them of course. I wonder who will end up with them? Whoever does, I'd pay to tour them!

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