Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last Nite I Felt the Earth Shake

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today I'm going to blog about something I never thought I'd blog about - - - an earthquake that happened in NJ last night.

Scenario: It's around 10:30pm and I'm chatting on the phone with my BFF from Japan, Amanda (who now lives in PA). I'm sitting on my bed in the master bedroom of my house. Dan is also talking to one of his BFFs, but is sitting on the couch in the living room. There we both are, chatting chatting. Then it started. I heard the sneaky rumble that I had heard so many times before and then the ground began to shake.

The quake was less than 7 seconds and the funniest thing is that even though I knew what was happening, I didn't even worry. You see, after three years of living in Tokyo, this girl is used to earthquakes. This girl is used to falling over and/or out of her bed. This girl is used to seeing the ground roll. By the way, none of which happened last night.

But I knew what it was and when it was over, Dan came running into the bedroom, eyes wide open, exclaiming "what the hell was that?!" I looked at him and calmly said, "I think that was an earthquake," as if I said that sentence to him every day of my life. He was like, "seriously?"

I guess that because of my prior experiences I wasn't scared at all. (for the record I was terrified when I experienced my first one in Japan; but towards the end of our tour they were so common place that my best friend and I would get so excited and run towards a window when they happened just to see the ground roll outside) I was shocked though - I didn't even think we could have one here in NJ. In reflection, I'm also shocked that I didn't do more besides telling Dan not to move for two minutes after because I was unsure if we'd experience any aftershock tremors.

I've been through the earthquake training drills. Not once did I think, maybe I should stand under the door way. Nope, just sat on my bed because I knew that it wasn't going to be that bad. It's weird for me to say that - they all start small and then I feel like I can tell by the sound if it's actually going to get worse.

I tweeted (@MACK_ATTACK) about the quake shortly after it happened - in disbelief wondering if it had just happened to my house, and not my area. Did I make it up? Nope, I was so right and the news confirmed it shortly there after.

They said that apparently we can get them all the time here. Great, I thought. I survived living in Tokyo and now I live on a giant hill in NJ that gets earthquakes. Now that surprises me. Maybe next time I won't be so passe about it.

Did any of you feel it?

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