Thursday, January 8, 2009

Air Force Band Preps for Inauguration

With one of the most historically significant presidential inaugurations rapidly approaching our boys and girls in blue are taking out their secret weapons . . . their music instruments that is!

The Air Force Band, along with all of the other branch's bands, will be belting out patriotic tunes during the Obama's inauguration parade. Each service band will have 99 musicians, a number reserved only for inaugural parades and state funeral processions.

In regards to the AF band, they've spent quality time practicing at Andrews Air Force Base. Colonel Dennis Layendecker, band commander, and Chief Master Sergeant Elizabeth Schouten (USAF band superintendent) took some time yesterday to let America know about the prep and excitement. I love how Schouten says that she doesn't mind that they're last (because they are the youngest branch) because she feels they have saved the best for last.

"The Air Force Song," will be one of three selections the band will play along the 1.6-mile parade route (begins at 4th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue and goes past the White House) by memory! They'll also play John Phillip Sousa's "The Washington Post March," and Don Keller's "Trombones Triumphant."

While I love all branches of the service, I tend to love the Air Force most because my Dad is a man in blue. I'm also most fond of the Air Force lifestyle. Throughout my life, I've had the privilege of attending many USAF band performances and I can personally tell you that they are spectacular! Stay tuned for more updates leading up to the big performance day! Good luck to the Airmen that are playing that day!

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