Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nat Geo Special Gives Sneak Peak at Air Force One & Marine One

I'm a fan of Nat Geo. Honestly, who isn't? They have incredibly interesting specials that allow you to get your learn on.

And last night I did just that. I plopped down on the couch and tuned in to watch two specials that took an in-depth look behind the scenes of Air Force One and Marine One.

They were fantastic and they proudly showcase some of America's finest servicemen and women and the stellar aircraft they command. The Air Force One special gives you the run down of what happened from their cockpit on 9/11 and even lets you in on GWB's covert trip to Iraq on the eve of Thanksgiving. The special is so up to date that you even get ride along for Obama's first flight. Most importantly, you get to meet the crew that takes care of the most important man in the world and get to understand what goes into transporting him across the globe. And hear the most awesome statement ever to be echoed in flight, "We are now Air Force One."

The Marine One special is just as exciting and gives you a glimpse into the high pressured positions that these fantastic Marines hold. Imagine landing on three red discs in the middle of the White House lawn. Exactly on the three red discs. Imagine being the Marine who greets the President - standing at attention for up to 40 minutes in all weather conditions. Doing all this in front of oceans of press and citizens lined up to see the President take flight.

If you missed it, fear not - they will both air on Feb 1st. Until then, visit here for more info on the Air Force One special and here for the Marine One special. Lastly, if you are truly a fan follow Air Force One on Twitter - "call sign" @NGC_AirForceOne.

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