Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chilis Coming to Yokota AFB

During my lunch break today I jumped on to Stars and Stripes and came across an article in Monday's edition that made me stop and say, woah. For my readers, please note, if you are not a military brat the article will not make YOU say woah.

As a military brat I've been fortunate to live and travel throughout the world. During my high school years my family and I were stationed at Yokota Air Force base in Japan. It is one of my most favorite places and every time I think of it my heart floods with memories.

So needless to say, when I saw the headline, "Five food, coffee places opening at Yokota," my interest was peaked. Yokota was my old stomping grounds. Anyone remember the coffee stand in the terminal? ha ha

The most impressive sentence in the article was the one that announced that Chili's Bar and Grill had plans to build at YAB. "Perhaps the biggest name coming to Yokota this year is Chili’s, which will be next to the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Stachowiak said the $5.6 million facility is expected to open in late summer."

So why am I excited for Yokota? Chili's! Variety. A new hang out. Somewhere else BESIDES Anthony's Pizza. I know that Yokota has changed a lot since I was there but some things never change. The food court.

For those who are non-military, let me break it down. Being stationed somewhere so far away from home is hard. But it is especially hard when it comes to your food selection. Aside from your host country's offerings off base you only have a few selections on base: Anthony's Pizza, Robin Hood Deli, Baskin Robbins, Popeyes and the most loathed Burger King.(I think I've eaten in a Burger King less than a handful of times since I've been back in the U.S.) If you're lucky you get a Taco Bell, Subway, Charley's Steakery and Pizza Hut. Other than a few other spots that is it. So imagine, what three years of just that is like. Now you know why I never eat at Burger King!

So to hear that something new is coming to Yokota makes me rejoice for all the families and service members that are stationed there. Whoot! Whoot! I also would like to applaud the new addition for the fact that it will actually create 75 new jobs. Calling all YHS Panthers? You know where you'll be applying.

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