Friday, January 9, 2009

Troops in Iraq Have a Reason to Celebrate: Beer & the SuperBowl

The top U.S. military commander in Iraq did a great thing on Wednesday. He passed a waiver that will bring our troops in the land of sand a little piece of home on Super Bowl Sunday. Beer.

The waiver grants authorization to all U.S. troops to drink beer but there are some rules. Only on this special nite, and a maximum of two beers a person. This waiver comes as our troops have begun to step back and take more advisory roles that come with less combat.

The no alcohol ban has only been lifted only one time before this, in 2005 and only for troops operating under the Baghdad command. Normally, if anyone is caught drinking in combat zones they are dealt a series of negative consequences. They can face a reduction in pay, a reduction in rank and can even be court-martialed.

Troops that are in Iraq who want to watch the big game will have to stay up late. After all, it will be 2 a.m. in Baghdad when the big game gears up. But I guarantee that you won't hear many complaints. They'll be watching the game, drinking a beer and feeling closer to home for the first time in a long time.

Enjoy those beers and thank you for all that you do!

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