Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions

So, as today is January 5th I've decided to publicly announce my resolutions for the new year. And yes, they are themed . . . well what did you expect?

Health and Wellness
- To start doing yoga so that I can hopefully tap into the "piece of mind" everyone seems to talk about
- To not allow a bag of Doritos to cross the threshold of my front door (or office cube, or anywhere I ever go) until the summer starts
- To stop eating candy and dump the sugar once again
- To continue to incorporate whole grains into my diet
- To continue to drink seltzer water like its my job (and stay as far away from soda as possible)
- To participate in another 5K and improve my finish time
- To continue to partner with my BFF Heather Ivey in our Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge and never try to get out of our "Wednesday Weigh In" phone calls
- To up the number of times I hit the gym each week
- To lose 20lbs before I head to Ireland this Aug for my two week vacay (I'd really like to lose 30 but I'd rather exceed my goal marker than fall short of it)

- To correspond with my family in Ireland more often, including my cousins that I barely even know
- To call my grandparents at least twice a month
- To call my mom and dad more than just once a week
- To talk to my brother and sister more than just once every two weeks

- To spend more quality time with them
- To reconnect with friends that I haven't seen or spoken to in years (especially other military brats)
- To visit my crew in MI
- To host more get-togethers with the people who matter the most to me

Life Overall
- To revamp my five year plan
- To find more of a work life balance and spend this year working to live, rather than living to work
- To remember that it's okay to say "no" to social engagements
- To remember to put myself first more
- To have more fun in life
- To remember to always do what is going to make me most proud, and most happy . . . rather than what makes everyone else happy and proud

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Alli said...

Very nice goals - Good luck with all of them! I will help out by not offering any candy back here in our cubes!